Deck Shoes / WHITE
Deck Shoes / WHITE
Deck Shoes / WHITE
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Deck Shoes / WHITE

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LAWFORD CLOTHING carefully selects goods from Japan and overseas,
We introduce and sell accessories on an irregular basis.

The item we are introducing this time is rare in Japan.
It is the main process in sneaker production.
Continuing the vulcanized manufacturing method and continuing to refine it
“Deck” produced by “ASAHI SHOES”.

Manufactured based on US deck shoes
These deck shoes use shoe lasts that inherit the beautiful shape of the time.
The outsole, which has wave-shaped cuts that prevent slipping even on wet roads, is synonymous with deck shoes. In addition, No. 12 canvas is used for the upper.

It blends well with the skin by using bag stitching without using adhesives.
It wraps around your feet like a sock, giving you a sense of security.

Shoe Factory was founded in 1892 in Kurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and has supported shoe culture for over 120 years.
This is the main process for sneakers, which is rare in Japan.
We use the "vulcanized manufacturing method".
The vulcanized manufacturing method involves molding the upper and sole from raw rubber that has not hardened yet, then placing them in a special pot and applying high heat and pressure. By going through this vulcanization process, the raw rubber before being put into the kettle acquires the properties of elastic rubber, and the upper and sole are firmly crimped together.
This manufacturing method dramatically reduces rubber peeling,

These shoes are easy to maintain.

Upper: Canvas (100% Cotton)
Sole: Rubber

・You can also order out-of-stock sizes and women's sizes.
Please contact us.
・Depending on the color, the color may fade.

・This product will be on sale until 19:00 on Monday, October 11th.